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tv on wall miami

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Tv on wall miami

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Wall mount miami

Standard TV mounts keep the television in a stationary position, flush against the wall. An adjustable swivel TV mount allows you to manually angle the TV once it’s mounted.



  tv mounting service miami Cut out a sheet of paper or cardboard the approximate size of your TV and hang it on the wall in your desired location.
• Affix to the wall with painter’s tape.
• Test out that location from different locations around the room – make sure it’s centered and isn’t positioned so high that it strains your neck when you look at it.
• Look for a location with no glare, and good visibility from all sitting areas in the room.
• For maximum viewing comfort, plan to mount your TV at a height on the wall that corresponds to the viewer’s eye level when seated — typically, with the center of the screen 40-45 inches off the floor.
• Choose a location close to an electrical outlet. Measure the length of the TV’s power cord to be sure it will reach.

Tv on wall miami

Tip: Do not use hollow-wall anchors as they cannot support TV wall mounts. 

• Once you’ve picked an ideal location for the television, run the stud finder along the top of the paper.
• Use a stud finder to locate the two studs in your wall that will support your TV.
• Mark the location of each stud’s center with a pencil. Use a nail to confirm a stud has been located.

Tv on wall miami


 • Mark lightly in pencil where the corners of the TV will be and remove the paper.
• Measure the distance between the top and bottom holes on each TV mounting arm. Mark two points in the center of each wall stud, corresponding to these holes.
• Use a level to ensure the mounting holes for each arm are even.

Tv on wall miami


 • Hold the wall mount up against the wall and use a level to make sure it’s even.
• Use a friend to help you hold the wall mount. Tip: Remember the old adage, “mark twice, cut once.” That same rule applies to drilling in walls – check that the mounting holes are level twice before drilling.

Tip: Remember the old adage, “mark twice, cut once.” That same rule applies to drilling in walls – check that the mounting holes are level twice before drilling.



Wall mount miami

 • Use a power drill to drill pilot holes for the wall bracket screws or bolts.
• Attach the wall bracket plate to the wall using the screws or bolts provided with the wall mount kit. If the kit uses lag bolts, drive them in with a socket wrench.


Wall mount miami

tv wall mount miami

 • This is the easiest part – simply have a friend hold the mount against the wall where you’ve drilled the pilot holes and drill screws to attach.
• Check again that it’s level once mounted.

Tip: Drill in each screw halfway and check that they’re level before tightening all of them.



Tv wall installation miami

 • If there’s a stand on the TV’s frame, unbolt and remove it.
• Locate the mounting holes on the back of your TV. If necessary, pry off the plastic caps over the holes with a screwdriver.
• Attach the mounting arms to the mounting holes on your TV, using the bolts provided with your mounting kit. Be careful not to over-tighten, and do not use a power drill. Make sure the two mounting brackets are level with each other.
• Set the TV aside. Be sure to rest the TV so the screen is facing upward. Setting the TV with the screen facing down can cause permanent damage. Tip: If you’re attaching your TV flat to the wall to a fixed wall mount, you may find it easier to connect the cables to the television before attaching it to the wall bracket, as detailed below. 
• Be sure the TV and any attached devices are unplugged.
• Have someone help you hold the television up to the wall mount. Attach the audio and video cables to the television per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Tv wall installation miami

Safety: Do not attempt this alone. Have one person interlock the brackets while one or two others lift the TV. 

• Lock the TV mounting arms onto the wall bracket plate. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to secure the connections.
• Confirm that every point of connection is locked down securely. Test your installation with a few light tugs.
• Test and troubleshoot connections and TV functions to be sure they all work.
• Make adjustments as necessary. Be sure to get help if you need to remove the TV from the wall.