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Installation of Spy Cameras throughout Florida:

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We cover the following areas:

Miami – Coral Gables – Homestead – Kendall – Doral – Hialeah – Weston – Coral Sprint – Miami Beach – Aventura
Pompano Beach – Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood
Kendall – Boynton Beach – Davie


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If you are looking for a small hidden camera or if you need a pocket camera, you should know how they work, how many types and what features you need in the camera. There are spy cameras for travel, to control your hotel room, hidden Tiny Spy cameras for objects such as mobile phones, pens, mp3 players and even portable cameras; In Smart Home Control System Miami you will find the best portable spy camera according to your needs.


HIDDEN SURVEILLANCE Coral Gables – The tiny hidden and visible spy cameras are very important for modern security and surveillance because of their flexible mounting options, since you do not need long video and audio cables; Spy cameras can be installed virtually anywhere for more information.

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Camera Spy

In addition to ease of use and accessibility

In addition to ease of use and accessibility, the Wireless Security Camera allows you to watch videos from any device with an Internet connection.


Installation and work in a clean and orderly manner.

The first thing you need is a reliable Spy store and here at Smart Home Control System Miami we will provide you with all the information you need when buying the best hidden camera for you, we are always working on the smallest hidden cameras.

Simply call one of our experts and you will receive free advice at (786) 916-8920 because we have the best espionage team in Miami.

Do you need hidden cameras, spy cameras, nanny cameras or spy surveillance equipment in Miami, South Florida or another city or state? Buy, rent or install hidden cameras, hidden spy cameras, babysitting cameras or CCTV surveillance products open / covert in your home, office or company throughout the Miami area.


Play the surveillance video below to see the hidden Spy cameras used to catch an unfaithful spouse in Miami. A Miami wife places hidden surveillance cameras in the home and traps husband traps using babysitting camera surveillance.

We have babysitting cameras, hidden cameras, GPS vehicle trackers, wireless cameras, cable security systems and wireless espionage spy equipment at wholesale prices. Our spy surveillance products in Miami and hidden spy cameras are sold in the Miami area.



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Who We Are

Located in the Miami area, Smart Home Control System is a licensed and insured professional installation company that has achieved numerous accolades and awards from residential and commercial customers. With our exceptional customer service, affordable prices and a superior quality of work that has no comparison with other companies in the industry. We work with clients throughout Miami, FL

What We Do

If you have a new security camera or a security camera system, you should know that the installing process may be delicate and difficult. The best you can do is to find a trusty Spy Shop and here at Smart Home Control System we have the proper service of camera installation. We work all over Miami.

We give you all the support and all the experience that our team has in how to install hidden camera, just call us free at (786) 916-8920, our experts will be glad to help you, and remember that if you look for first class products, here we got them all at Smart Home Control System, serving in Hialeah Garden, Coconut Grove, Aventura and many other places in Miami.

Need GPS Installation

Looking for first class tracking devices? You do not have to looking for anymore, because here at Smart Home Control System we have devices made especially for you and we can include GPS installation service. We work all over Miami . We will give you all the support at the time of choosing, purchasing and installing the best GPS devices.

If you want more knowledge at the time of purchasing the best GPS Tracker, do not hesitate to call us. Call our experts for free advice at (786) 916-8920

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